Full Time.


Our salary for full time teachers is from JPY225,000 - 235,000 for a maximum 98 hours monthly teaching schedule. Any hours taught over and above that figure being classed as overtime and remunerated at the rate of JPY2,250 per hour. Our teachers aren't usually asked to put in office time, but are only sometimes requested to attend a teachers’ meeting that is occasionally held on Friday mornings.


BENDA additionally provides a 6 month contract completion bonus of JPY10,000 and a 12 month contract completion bonus of JPY20,000 towards foreign travel costs.


Teachers who are employed by us receive two consecutive days off per week and all their relevant Japanese National Holidays. They will also be granted one day's leave over Christmas and two days' leave over Japanese Obon.  


Unpaid vacation is also taken into consideration during light workloads and within the summer months.


Incoming teachers usually take over the apartment of an outgoing teacher, therefore all "Japanese Key Money” expenses have already been taken care of and they are only asked to cover the relevant apartment's monthly rental charges, which usually comes to around JPY40,000 per month.


New teaching staff occasionally have the opportunity to purchase furniture from an outgoing teacher and in this respect, BENDA is willing to provide an interest free loan of up to JPY50,000 to facilitate that monetary transaction.


The academy also arranges a telephone line to each of our teacher’s apartments and provides every teacher with a small city car for both business and pleasure. Each teacher being requested to pay the yearly tax/insurance for the said vehicle, coming to around JPY5,000 / JPY115,000 per year respectively.


Part Time.


Our salary for part time teachers is JPY2,250 per hour.


The Academy provides work related accident insurance for all employees.


If you'd like to hear a little more about us, we'd be delighted to talk over our openings by telephone or Skype.




We can be reached at: -


Tel/Fax:  81-836-84-6535

Tel:         81-836-84-2390




Facebook and Google+


We regularly have job openings on a yearly basis. Teachers wishing to join us are kindly asked to provide copies of the following documents: -


Copies of university/college/teaching diplomas.

Copy of resume.

Copy of relevant passport pages.

Copy of a recent photograph.


A copy of their International driver’s license, plus four copies of a recent passport photograph can be forwarded at a later date.


To facilitate an early decision on forthcoming openings, we kindly ask applicants to firstly send copies of their documents by e-mail.


Thanks a lot and looking forward to hearing from you.


Ted Nutton.


The British English and New Dance Academy.

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